Superman & Spiderman

I am only a woman in a silly red sheet
Digging for kryptonite on this one-way street
Only a woman in funny red sheet looking for specials things inside of me
Inside of me
Inside of me
Inside of me

I have been wondering about what happened to that girl who shared stories almost every day in her social media and laughed like a crazy fall in love person nearly every day. There was energy burst after I participated in Loving-Kindness meditation in Bali Usada birthday event September last year. I received so much energy. Just like my friend said that I acted like a child spreading flowers everywhere. I felt I fell in love with whom I didn’t know until finally, I fell for someone. I wanted to fly to the highest sky, felt like I was in the park full of pink and white roses, and my energy was so powerful I wanted to split the sea.

I realized that I abused my energy for having so much fun which later I didn’t know that the fun thing disappeared eventually. I didn’t use my loving-kindness energy wisely. Then, I was angry because things changed and I thought the energy was gone, but it just turned to different forms. I could attract one of my high school friends through my superpower energy. She told me how powerful I was. This made me realize that how Loving-Kindness Energies could attract people. When I sat by the lake one beautiful morning, I remembered when Peter Parker lost his superpower. He studied as a normal human being. He walked like he was a super cool guy with Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head as the background song, then he fell down. He acted like it never happens. He fell down and stood up again. He fixed his bicycle tire, but then it’s unmounted from the repair stand. Policemen were chasing bad guys, but he ignored it by eating his hotdog. He studied well and answered his lecturer’s questions like an average student. My life is like what happens with Peter Parker’s life. I act like a normal human being. When I am happy, I smile. When I am sad, I cry. I take the train, I see passengers on the train, I see colors just the way they are. In other words, the magic I had were gone.

Also, there is one quote from this movie I always remember:

With great power comes great responsibility.”

In the world, we live with a lot of people with different energy who do not meditate regularly as I do, the energy I had and spent every day eventually faded away. I need to practice it every day to maintain the power. And just like a quote from Spiderman movie, if we have a superpower, we need to use it wisely and are aware of the consequences. Besides that, I don’t need to be a superhero to achieve my dreams and spread little act of kindness, because small steps or kindness lead to the most significant changes.

Author: Kresna LG

EN-ID VV Translator & Writer

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